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Every aspect of my business relates to improving the health and  well being of both people and the planet.

 Welcome to Complementary Health with Joyce Shanks. This website is about the work that I do. It is the source of information on my private holistic practice and  business. In a private clinic in Dollard Des Ormeaux, Quebec (DDO) I offer Reflexology, Reiki & CranioSacral Therapy. We are located in the west island of the city of Montreal only 15 minutes from the Decarie Express or Highway 15. Treatments are by appointment only in a naturally lit and soothing environment.

2008 has been a year of growth and development for Complementary Health. In January, in my endeavour to build alliances and relationships with other local practitioners and earth friendly businesses I launched a The West Island Complementary Alliance. Also new this year I began selling Joyce's Klean Kanteens. In December of 2007 I produced the first of my monthly newsletters called Complementing Your Health. In the newsletter I explore information on healing and different modalities, links and information to current environmental issues, a monthly feature called Your Natural Pharmacy as well as special offers and promotions. Below you will find a brief intro to all the areas of my business, by clicking on their titles you can be directed to that area of the site for additional information.

The Montreal Weekend To End Breast Cancer

Every August for the past four years I have participated in Montreal's Weekend To End Breast Cancer. The first year my daughter was not quite 3 years old, yet she was one of my biggest supporters, and absolutely my prime motivator. I am scrambling now at the eleventh hour to raise my donation quota for the walk. The first eight months of 2008 have flown by. Launching the network, adding a new modality to the clinic and the Klean Kanteens has been incredibly rewarding, but truly fulfilling when it comes to my time. I am having a HUGE Raffle on Monday, August 19th, if you are able to support me in this great cause, please sponsor me directly HEREFor every dollar donated to my walk before Monday evening August 19th, I will enter your name into a draw for hundreds of dollars of Gift Certificates that have been donated to me by Montreal and area restaurants and businesses. Prizes are from Scarolies, Akaiwa Sushi, Carmine's Tuscany Grill, Sirene De La Mer, Dejeuner Inc., OGGIs, Nettoyeur Nova, McKibbins Irish Pub, Cafe Terrasse Il Cortile, and Marlowe's.  Please take a few moments and visit MY PAGE and make a donation to this great cause. Thank you in advance!

The West Island Complementary Health Alliance

The West Island Complementary Health Alliance is made up of individual business and entrepreneurs working towards the same goal; helping people achieve balance in their lives for their health and the environment. It is the belief of the Alliance that you can not separate the health of the planet from that of the people. Learning about each other's areas of expertise, networking together and building their individual enterprises and disseminating information to the community through seminars, workshops and events are the main focuses of the group.


     Reflexology is a natural, holistic,  drug free, and side effect free approach to relaxing and healing the body, mind and spirit. Our feet, hands, and even our ears are micro systems of ourselves, they contain points or REFLECTIONS of our entire being. By stimulating and applying pressure on these points, the body is encouraged to return to its natural state of balance.  Much more information HERE.


The universe is an amazing place, we are all part of it. Everyone and everything in it is connected through energy. The connections are not visible to most of us by the naked eye, but they are felt by many. Reiki is an energy medicine. It's purpose is to aid in healing, detoxifying & balancing by sharing the love and light of the universal life force.

CranioSacral Therapy

In May this year I went back to school. I had researched and learnt a lot about CranioSacral Therapy. What was left was to learn how to put it into practice first hand. There was no question in my mind that the school to study with was to be the Upledger Institute. Founded by Dr. John Upledger in 1985, the father of CranioSacral Therapy, they have taught CST to more than 50,000 people world including Physicians, Oesteopaths, Doctors of Chinese Medicine, and others both within and outside of the health care profession. FAQs please visit them HERE.

Joyce's Klean Kanteens

A healthy choice for you and the planet!

Available in original stainless steel, and now while supplies last, in colour. Fundraising opportunities are  available for groups and organizations looking for earth friendly ways to help themselves and the planet. These stainless steel bottles are responsibly manufactured, lightweight, practical, 100%  reusable and recyclable.  Our back to school PROMOTION.

Complementing Your Health

In December 2007 I launched the first issue of my monthly newsletter, Complementing Your Health. It truly is a labour of love. Throughout the month I collect and compile concepts and ideas to put together into a thematic newsletter. All past issues of the newsletter are available through my newsletter archive. To join use the safe subscribe in the box below, you may safely unsubscribe any time:

About Me

I truly feel blessed to do the work that I do, but what fulfills me more than anything is my family. I have an amazing husband and a precious daughter who is almost 6. They  support me in all that I do, but the truth be told, I do it all for them and the future that the children of this world will inherit. For more about me please feel free to follow this link.

This site is continuing evolving, be sure to check back frequently for updates and promotions. Eating well, exercising , petting an animal, hugging someone, meditating and praying, are all part of the realm of complementary health. I feel as if I could continue to work on this site till the end of time and not ever be finished exploring the things that could have a positive impact on our health. For the time being however it is what it is ENJOY!










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