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         Announcing Clean and Green, September Evening Meeting

            Green Party Candidate Peter Graham Guest Speaking

         Complementing Your Health September 2008

               Re-Connecting, Pilates for Stephie, Genetically Modified Foods, & Raffle Winners

         Complementing Your Health Summer 2008

               Bold New Energy Targets, Hope in Fighting Breast Cancer, Community Giving

        Complementing Your Health June 2008

            CranioSacral Therapy, Summer Events, Promos, Waking Up, and Ending Cancer

        Complementing Your Health May 2008

            Wildlife, Bill C-51, WICHA & Fundraising For Breast Cancer Research

Complementing Your Health April 2008

            Earth Day, Mother's Day, Health Expo, and Promotions

Complementing Your Health March 2008

            World Water Day, Water Bottles, Why Drink Water & Issues With Our Water

Complementing Your Health February 2008

            Detoxification, Word Usage & The West Island Complementary Health Alliance

Complementing Your Health January 2008

            Promotions, Alliances & Reflexology Success

Announcing The West Island Complementary Health Alliance

            Announcement and invitation to the first WICHA meeting     

December 2007 Newsletter

                    Holiday Wishes for clients, contact, friends and family



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