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Just for today, I will let go of anger

Just for today, I will let go of worry

Just for today, I will give thanks for my many blessings.

Just for today, I will do my work honestly.

Just for today, I will be kind to my neighbor and every living thing.

Just for today, I shall love myself for just who I am.

Just for today, I shall love and accept others for just who they are.

Just for today, I shall be non-judgmental, and compassionate towards myself and others.

Just for today, I shall embrace the unity of all that exists.

     Two books that I recommend if you are interested in learning about Reiki are:


    Diane Stein              Barbara Brennan

Both books are available on line at they are substantially less expensive when purchased on-line as opposed to being purchased in store.

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     In the early spring of 2007 I began studying Reiki, it was again one of those things that was introduced to me two or three times before I got the message. I can't remember the entire chain of events but I spontaneously decided to go to a yoga class at a studio called Harmoni on St. Charles in Kirkland, even though I had been heading to my gym. While there I had learnt about a free information session being offered on Reiki, I attended the session and registered for the level 1 course. My instructor and Reiki Master is Patrick Deegan, a wonderful man exuberant about life both here and now and on other planes of existence as well. He continues to offer instruction both privately and through the Harmoni clinic.  I look forward to my continued study with him.

     In July I completed the second level of my training, and am now a Second Degree Reiki Practitioner. Since having been initiated, life has changed, and only for the better. I use Reiki on a some of my clients and most recently on a friend who was badly injured in a motor vehicle accident. My friend, who previously had been very sceptical about the true benefits of reiki energy healing, could not deny the way that she felt following a treatment I gave her while in hospital. She has since opened up and welcomed my reiki treatments that I am currently doing for her here while I am in Montreal as she continues to recuperate in hospital in Vancouver. Once you have achieved the second degree of Reiki training you are able to offer healing through distance. This is possible because there really is no time and space when we are all connected.

     When you read the principles of Reiki above, you may notice that all of the statements should be encompassed and practiced in all of our lives. Taking that one step further if you have ever studied any type of religion you will recognise many of these principles, as being part of being a person of faith, almost any faith in fact.

       As I mentioned before, I too am a work in progress, and everyday I must endeavour to live the principles above, of course when I am either cut off in traffic or rudely bumped into in the mall, it is difficult to be non-judgemental and not angry, but what has become incredibly clear to me is that when I do apply these principles to my everyday living, life is more and more beautiful, and peaceful.




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