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        Joyce is a wonderful Reflexologist & Reiki Practitioner and I have recommended her to all my friends.
        She takes the time to really listen to her patients to better understand their needs. I also enjoy the fact that she incorporates Reiki into her sessions.
         It is truly amazing how working on areas of your feet can affect your whole body, but it does.
        Healing my body, mind and spirit. Thanks Joyce!
        Michele (Pierrefonds)





















     I went to see Joyce because I had been suffering from recurrent UTIs and digestive issues.  During our first treatment, she was able to accurately pick up on all the health problems that I was suffering from, as well as others that I was less aware of.  It quickly became apparent that my whole system was out of whack from long-standing chronic stress, and my hormones were unbalanced creating a number of problems for me.  After a few weeks, I started noticing improvements in my bladder health and eventually my digestive health as well.  In addition, after 6 months of having unusually short 21-day cycles, my cycle lengthened to 25 days after 4 weeks of treatment, indicating that my hormones were now much more in balance!  Plus, Joyce has a way of getting straight to the heart of the matter, and her insightful, nurturing personality helped me become much more aware of how I handle stress and take care of my body.  Not to mention the treatments themselves feel great! 

J.D., Pierrefonds




            I might just have to put Joyce’s number on speed dial! She recently worked on my feet to help rebalance my hormonal system. My menopausal power surges had surged into disruptive solar flares that would awaken me 5 or 6 times a night! I slept through the night after just 2 sessions! Joyce combines her extensive knowledge of physiology and anatomy with a finely tuned intuition. I regularly recommend her services to clients and friends.

Pauline Edward, author, astrologer-numerologist, www.paulineedward.com
































 Text Box:  My mom discovered Joyce through an ad she saw and she raves about her all the time!
 She promptly sent me to see Joyce when the stress in my life started to get out of hand…  and I have to say Joyce  sure does not disappoint!  Going to see Joyce is about taking time out for your-self.
Not only is “Reflexology by Joyce” oh so pleasurable!  It’s good for you too!  For all those people with no time for themselves this is the perfect thing because in effect you are multitasking!!! 
Take some time to take care of yourself!  Each person’s reason for going to see Joyce will be different and each person’s experience will be different.  All I can tell you is that it’s good!
                    Amy (Dollard Des Ormeaux)