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     Communication, strong relationships, and education are the core of this new community. The West Island Complementary Health Alliance is made of individuals and businesses united in a common goal; and that is to help others find balance and improved health. We believe that you can not separate the health of the planet from the health of the people. Members are complementary health care practitioners and health related and earth friendly businesses, with a holistic philosophy. We understand that each personís health requirements are individual and changing.

     Through awareness and active learning about one anotherís businesses and healing modalities, and disseminating information to our communities we can cooperatively reach more people resulting in a greater positive impact on their health and our environment. Please visit with us and stay in touch with us through our website at http://alternative.meetup.com/551. For additional information, please feel free to e-mail me at  info@complementaryhealth.ca or call Joyce at 514-998-3863.

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